Bilingual Kids´ Speaking Activity with Numbers

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Balancing 2 Languages is Difficult

What better way to get students working with both languages than a hands-on activity? This Bilingual Spanish/English Drag and Drop Activity on Google Slides will get students using interacting with the food vocabulary that is commonly used.

This Bilingual Spanish/English Drag and Drop Activity on Google Slides is for classroom and at home use. It can be for online teachers, bilingual families, and homeschooling parents.

This is a great way to introduce the Spanish language to students in a fun, and light-hearted way. It may seem like it is for children, but students of all ages enjoy the hands-on aspect.

Watch the Video Below for Instructions

Activity Contents

This activity has:

  • Cover slide

  • 1 activity slide

  • Copyright and license information

  • Credit Page

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This product is a Spanish language resource is listed in order to save you time, while engaging your students, or children, in a more effective way. It is ideal for a warm-up or quick review.

Please make sure you understand how to use Google Drive and Slides in order to get the maximum benefit from this download. 

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