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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Pick the Spanish Course that YOU Need

I teach Spanish, but I don’t know any skiing vocabulary. I have never been skiing, and I can't say that it snows too much in Mexico. On top of that, I hate snow and cold weather. But I also don't know too much of about car parts for that matter (Despite my husband’s best efforts).

This is why I always tell students that we have different sets of vocabulary. What they need to learn, and can use in their home, can be different than what Spanish vocabulary I need and use. And nothing is wrong with that. After all, I change diapers and buy a lot of baby wipes. I hope they have different vocabulary than I do! But every day, I’m constantly learning new words. And I’ve been studying Spanish for 15 years, and teaching it for over 10.

Topic-based Vocabulary Proficiency Depends on Lifestyle

Just this year, I have a whole bunch a new vocabulary when my daughter was born in Orizaba, Veracruz. You would think that having a second child here, and working in Maternal-Fetal Medicine research as a translator, I would know my reproductive medical Spanish through and through. But I ended up with pre-eclampsia and a first time, emergency c-section. A new experience is a new experience in any language. But I happened to live it in my second one: Spanish. Funny enough, I think my medical Spanish now beats my medical English.

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Looking Up the Same Word on Google Translate

And I’ve looked up skiing feet thingies (I don’t know them in English either!), and a whole bunch of other words over and over. I am not shy if I don't know a word. But I will always try to find out what it is. However, I know that they go in one ear and out the other. This is because they aren’t my interests or hobbies. I don’t need to know these words for everyday life. There’s not a lot of opportunity to go skiing in Mexico.

Learning in Context like a Native Spanish Speaker

Regardless, the best thing that you can do is to study the language through what you do love. I learned a lot of my Spanish through rock ‘n’ roll. I may have picked up a few bad and inappropriate words along that route, but it was fun nonetheless.

And that’s why we recently began offering Mexican Cooking classes to combine cooking skills with Spanish language learning. They were so much fun that we now offer other topics for Spanish language students to engage in and enjoy.

Immersion, Dual-Language, and Bilingual Students

But why stop there? I’ve seen many parents asking lately where they can find Spanish language courses. Not courses to learn Spanish, but courses in the Spanish language, for Spanish speakers. A lot of the students are from immersion or bilingual schools and they’re just further ahead then the typical semester-long classes can accommodate.

Unlimited Monthly Spanish Immersion Program

Starting in October, we are offering all of our immersion Spanish classes for one, low, monthly price. You can pick up a useful, in-demand skill, while do you learn new vocabulary about a topic that you enjoy. Take up to 10 classes per week, with 5 different topics, and 2 schedule choices.

As an added bonus; if you enjoy what you’re learning, it’s also in to help you retain it. And if you’re not too far ahead in Spanish, that doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from one of the courses. A lot of the technical language, will be extremely similar to English and have many cognates.

Enjoy! Let me know if you know if more courses below in the comments.

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Sara Tyler has 2 M.A. degrees, in Educational Technology and Curriculum and Instruction. Her B.A. degree is in ESL. She has worked online since 2014, and has taught languages since 2010.

Her company, Viva Online, L.L.C. provides Spanish language courses, immersion classes, and professional development teachers. She lives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico with her husband and 2 daughters.

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