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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Using Pages that You Probably Already Use

Are you struggling to fit in Spanish between life, work and family? Here are some of my favorite websites to use in Spanish, that I have to use anyway, so I can keep learning new vocabulary and exercising my language muscles.

Plus, looking up information that I either need to find or is interesting to me will help me retain it, instead of doing grammar exercises or vocabulary drills on topics that I may never use. And of course, they are all free!

Planning a Trip? Use it to Gain Vocabulary!

TripAdvisor Mexico When researching your next trip, you can see travel guides, information and more in Spanish. Then, check out the Spanish language reviews from users like yourself, of hotels, restaurants, tours and more. It has the same information as the US, or any other country, website, but it prioritizes the Spanish language articles and reviews.

As a bonus, I use Tripadvisor with my Spanish 1 students. When they plan their trips in Spanish for their end of semester project. With higher level classes, I also use it as reading comprehension and a way for them to respond to the reviews. It helps them to share their opinions, agree and disagree.

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Shopping Websites with Spanish Versions

Amazon US – First, you want to change your language preferences. You can always click on the language icon next to your account summary or at the bottom of the main page. Amazon has everything from baby, to technology, clothing and food.

Walmart Mexico – Try this option to create shopping lists and increase your food vocabulary. You can browse by department and add your item with one click. It can even be printed out if you want to bring it to your local store for authentic practice.

Craigslist – You can easily change the language in the upper-right hand corner to Spanish and pick up a good deal of useful vocabulary, especially if you plan to use Spanish for renting, professional purposes (check out the job listings in Mexico City), and topic-based language in the forums.

Looking for Spanish Immersion? Try our enrichment Spanish classes! You can take art, cooking, and more.

Watch the News in a Second Language

CNN en español – Use this resource for international news stories if you have an intermediate level of Spanish. There are Spanish language videos and news reports as well for additional listening practice. For more advanced language, try the New York Times.

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Do you have another website that you want to recommend? Comment below!


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Her company, Viva Online, L.L.C. provides Spanish language courses, immersion classes, and professional development teachers. She lives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico with her husband and 2 daughters.

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