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Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Authentic Spanish Language Activities

My favorite activities in Spanish classes are ones that are real. Not only do they give us great conversation and practice opportunities, but they usually teach life skills at the same time. So I took a really detailed vacation or trip planner, and I just simply converted it to Spanish. The great part is it’s already set up in Google Sheets. So if you put in all the numbers correctly, you won’t have to worry about the math. Therefore, you can just focus on the vocabulary and details.

Download the Template Here

Plan a Trip / Planear un Viaje

To download your own copy, go to file and make a copy. Rename it to whatever you want and you will be able to edit it and save it as your own.

The Activity Reviews Many Basic Concepts

I use this planner with students who are studying Spanish 1 level courses. Or, who are near the end of their A1 Spanish course as a great review. It covers numbers up to 1000, prices, temperatures, weather, preferences for activities using gustar, preferir, querer and other common verbs, dates, seasons, months and times, family members, friends and other people in the students’ lives, regular verb conjugation, and the use of IR (to go) to indicate future intentions, modes of transportation , food vocabulary, types of restaurants and cuisine, and so much more!

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Differentiate the Materials for Higher Levels

But I especially enjoy it because it’s a communicative activity. And it can be done over and over again. And, every time it’s going to turn out differently. It’s very easy to differentiate if you have students that are in Spanish 2 or above. For example, they can simply take the planner and use it for a past trip that they went on. Also, it works for speaking in the preterite tense or the preterite vs. imperfect.

Opportunities for Decision Making in Spanish

Personally, I don’t limit them to only having a trip to a Spanish speaking country as long as they have their information prepared in Spanish. They’re more than welcome to go anywhere in the world. But I do give them a limit of only 1,000 U.S. dollars to spend. Mainly because it’s realistic to have a budget, but also because at that point we’ve only gone up to 1,000 in numbers. If you have students that have gone up higher you can give them a higher limit. Though, I find it much more interesting to see how resourceful they are with less money. If students have prepared this before class, you can definitely anticipate great conversation.

Research on Spanish Language Websites

I like to give them the following websites to help plan their trips. But you can use any Spanish language ones that you think are appropriate.

  1. Tripadvisor Mexico

  2. Google Vuelos

  3. Expedia Mexico

Using Question Words in Conversation

The planner includes plenty of details that they probably wouldn’t have thought of on their own. I suggest using it to practice question words like:

  1. ¿Qué? What?

  2. ¿Cómo? How?

  3. ¿Con quién? With whom?

  4. ¿Dónde? Where?

  5. ¿Cuándo? When?

  6. ¿Cuánto? How much/many?

But you can easily add on more questions to fit the students’ level and the class grammar topic or objective. Do you have a favorite authentic activity or resource? Comment with it below!

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