Games in Spanish (for Kids and Adults!)

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Learning a new language can really be all fun and games, especially if you try out these childhood favorites. They are full of benefits for language learners. And much more interesting than just grammar practice.

By gamifying your language curriculum, you can:

  • Build your vocabulary

  • Improve speaking

  • Sharpen listening skills through authentic interaction

  • Spend time with friends and family.

Play with New Words with Scrabble

I absolutely love this game in Spanish! It helps you think in Spanish and you always gain new vocabulary from other players. To make this game easier, I would try having a list of the most common 100-200 words in Spanish available for the players.

To make it more challenging, you can focus on specific parts of speech, like verbs or nouns. Remember to decide on a dictionary before beginning. is a great website to use.

Monopoly for Numbers and Places in Town

Make sure to read the rules before beginning and identify any new vocabulary you can use when playing the game. The Spanish version is available on Amazon US, but you can also look up Turista Mundial, which is the original Spanish language version of Monopoly.

The game board and pieces are much lower quality, so I would only recommend it if you are playing with teens or adults. Children could easily rip the Turista Mundial game board.

PARTY & CO. for Get-Togethers with Friends

This option has several games in one and is suitable for up to 20 players. One is a password type game where you cannot say the word, but need to provide clues for others to guess.

Another is made up of trivia questions. In another, you name brands from different categories before the time runs out. Pictionary and mimicking round out the games included.

All are in Spanish and provide a great opportunities for fun and authentic language use.

Spanish Family Feud: 100 MEXICANOS/Latinos DIJERON

This is one of my favorite games personally. I used to study the cards when I was first learning Spanish in order to build up my vocabulary. And it played on TV 24/7 while I lived in El Salvador.

Once again, deciding on a dictionary (and rules) regarding synonyms before playing is crucial, especially if you have spent time in countries besides Mexico. For example you are guessing coche but the card answer is carro, does it count or not?


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Sara Tyler has 2 M.A. degrees, in Educational Technology and Curriculum and Instruction. Her B.A. degree is in ESL. She has worked online since 2014, and has taught languages since 2010.

Her company, Viva Online, L.L.C. provides Spanish language courses, immersion classes, and professional development teachers. She lives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico with her husband and 2 daughters.

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