To Speak Spanish is a TERRIBLE Goal: Find Out Why, Get a Free Planner Instead

A Spanish-language learning goal to become bilingual or to speak Spanish is not SMART. I am using SMART as the acronym for goal planning (specific, measureable, objective, attainable, relevant (to your long term goal), and time-bound.

Why is Speaking Spanish a Bad Goal?

So, when I say that it is an awful goal, I mean that it’s setting up you up for failure. And as educators, it is our responsibility to set you up for success. MY goal for Spanish students is for them to become bilingual. But not in 10 classes. That is why using SMART goals works for language students, but also keeps you on track for the long-term objective of Spanish-language fluency.

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See How I tried this Teaching Strategy 3 Years Ago

Watch the video below to learn how I used SMART goal planning with one of my long-term students. It helped her better meet her own objectives. Now, I use this goal planning strategy with all of my new students. It is to make sure that we are on the right track from the first meeting.

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Download your Free Goal Planner

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Goals for Everything, not Just Language Learning!

By the way I also use them, in my personal life and my professional business, and completely recommend it. Planning the right way, and tracking the results, will get you any type of success that you want.

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