Veracruz Spanish Slang / Palabras Jarochas

Travel anywhere in the world, and you will see that every region, even every city has their own words and phrases. I mean, after all – so do we. For example, in Philadelphia, where i grew up, we say words like hoagie and soda. Other parts of the country say subs and pop. However, none of us are wrong or right. Veracruz is no exception.

Vamos a Mexico

So, to celebrate this wonderful language phenomenon, below are some local words that you will hear if you happen to be in Veracruz, Mexico (by the way, people and things from Veracruz are called jarocho/a). This isn´t an exhaustive list at all – there are so many more. But here is a sample of some local slang.

#1 micha (pan)

En otros lados es conocido como bolillo o telera, es un pan blanco clásico para una torta.

In other places, this sandwich roll is a bolillo o telera.

“ Voy a comprar unas michas para el almuerzo .”

#2 iris (problema)

Cuando alguien está molesto o provocando un problema. También cuando se trata de calmar a un amigo para que no se enoje.

Iris refers to the problem/issue when someone is upset. You can also say it to calm down a friend.

“Tranquilízate, ya no hagas iris.”

#3 kikiri (barato/a)

Cuando algo es muy chafa o corriente, de mala calidad, se dice que es kikiri.

Soemthing is kikiri if it is very cheap or poorly made.

“Este teléfono Alcatel es kikiri.”

#4 pachi (amigo/a)

Se puede usar para saludar a una persona. Puede ser amigo o no. Es algo amigable, no es ofensivo.

This is used to greet someone. It can be anyone, a friend or stranger. It´s a friendly greeting and not offensive at all.

“¿Como estas, pachi?”

#5 cábula (mentira)

Cuando alguien no dice la verdad. Puede ser una persona o la acción de mentir.

Finally, People use cábula when someone is lying. It can refer to the person who is lying or the lie itself.

“No es cierto. No me cábulees.” Or, “Mi sobrino Toño es muy cábula.”

Can you think of more words from your region, state or city? Share them with us below.


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