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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Spanish students always ask what the best book or movie is to learn Spanish? The answer really is the one that you’re interested in. Or one that’s going to help you reach your Spanish goal. And especially, one that you can understand. Normally, learners need to know approximately 70% of the vocabulary in a book or movie. This allows them to be able to guess the other 30% in the correct context.

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Start with Cartoons and Shows You Love

When I was beginning to learn, I watched anything that I could find that was simple, illustrative, and funny. Then, when I started working at the hospital (and really had to study medical Spanish!), I began watching Grey’s Anatomy and House completely in Spanish. It really helped me personally with the pronunciation. Because a lot of the medical words have more syllables. I would understand them written, since they were so similar to English. However, when I heard them live, I wasn’t able to figure out what word the person was saying.

The Value of Animated Movies in Language Learning

While watching a movie like The Little Mermaid, which is my favorite, I already knew the storyline. That helped me a lot to fill in the blanks. Over time, I began to pick up more and more of what was happening from the Spanish that I was hearing. It was also easier for me to understand because I love the beach. I spend a lot of time in the ocean. The vocabulary from the movie felt relevant to me. After all, it is what I’m going to be using in my every day life.

Skip the Movies You Don't Like in English

But when it comes to movies that I’m not interested in, forget it. I cannot pay attention. My husband will tell you that I fall asleep every single time he picks a movie. I don’t know why, but he picks some really boring movies. Overall, it doesn’t matter if you understand the language or not. If you’re not into the series or movie, you’re not going to gain very much by forcing yourself to watch it.

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Use the Subtitles or Captions Option

To subtitle or not? Using subtitles doesn’t mean that you don’t understand Spanish as well. Or that you’re never going to improve your listening comprehension (I’ve seen people comment this.). There’s absolutely nothing wrong with putting on subtitles or captions when you’re watching a movie. If it works for you - to pick up vocabulary - then do it!

Why Listening is More Difficult for TV and Movies

A lot of times in movies and on TV, you’ll miss what said. It can be because the person has a different accent. Or there’s an explosion in the background. Maybe they’re whispering. The actual reason isn't important. Movies and television series are just more difficult to understand for language learners.

I always put subtitles or captions on when I am watching something in Spanish.

This is because if there is a word that I’m not familiar with, at least I can see it. It appears on the screen. This gives me a chance to see the spelling. A lot of times that actually provides me the clue from the word root as to what it is. But if not, I can jot it down and then look it up later.

Subtitles/Captions are a Lifesaver for Visual Learners

I’m a very visual person when it comes to learning. I very strongly favor visual materials over auditory. Many times, my husband will be explaining to me how to get somewhere and it goes in one ear and out the other. I say, ¨I have to see it on the map¨. And when I see on the map it makes complete sense. Now I can visualize the route in my head.

If you’re curious about what type of learner you are, or your child is, I recommend reading up on the theory of multiple intelligences. It can really help you pick out the activities that are going to be the most effective for learning a language.

Chrome Extensions Make Everything Easier!

There are a few Google chrome extensions that will actually let you subtitle any videos that you are watching online. This works even on YouTube videos and Netflix streaming. You can find a list here on the Google Chrome extension store of free tools that will help you do that.

Watch Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows in Spanish HERE

As for where to find movies and TV series that are in the Spanish language, I’m going to recommend one website. I’m sure that there are tons of websites available, but this is one that my family has used for a couple years. It’s called It’s live streaming, never asks for a credit card and we’ve never gotten a virus or anything as a result of using it. The movies and TV shows load quickly. And they have really recent ones up on the website.

There is a mix of everything from movies, animation, television series, documentaries, and more. You can easily search by different categories like horror, terror, comedy, drama, romance, etc. Everything that you would find on a normal Netflix account.

Do You Know of Another Resource for Spanish Language Movies and TV? Share it in the comments below.

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Note: This website contains affiliate links. That means that we receive money if you decide to click on an AD. It does not affect our recommendations for products.

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