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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Set Up for Success by Determining Smart Objectives

A few years ago I read that if a person writes down their goal that they are exponentially more likely to achieve it. And it’s just writing it down. But if they actually take the time to make a SMART goal, it pretty much guarantee success.

That’s because a SMART goal is one that is going to keep you motivated in whatever you’re trying to accomplish. But I find that they are very helpful and language learning. And even more so for adult students. Or reluctant children or teenagers.

You can make a SMART goal with us! Request a Spanish level test.

Make Sure it is Actually SMART

It’s very important that you follow the steps to make a smart goal. That means that it is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. Otherwise if you don’t follow the steps, how are you going to know when you’ve reached your goal? Or perhaps when it’s time to reevaluate and to focus on another one.

Teachers Lose Students without Goals

Those are the online students who come to us her Spanish classes are coming from other teachers. And it’s always for one of two reasons, and sometimes both. They state that the tutors or teachers don’t seem like they have a plan. And as paying customers, they don’t see the effort that was put into creating a lesson plan. That it feels just like casual conversation. And that they don’t see any progress in their language level.

When that happens, they seek out other teachers. And I should mention, that not every teacher is going to be a good fit. However, if you are not satisfied with the progress you see, it might be time to seek other options. Or as a teacher, if you find a lot of your students disappearing, you should evaluate your own approach.

Re-Evaluate As Needed - or Change it Up Completely

So creating a goal that you can agree on is going to give you direction. There’s nothing wrong with not reaching your goal. Or deciding that there’s something that’s more of a priority and adjusting it as you go along. But the key is that you’re not going to be endlessly taking classes. That you will have clear start and end dates to different packages, semesters, sessions, and that’s going to help keep you on track.

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We provide online Spanish classes via Zoom and self-paced courses here on our website. Online classes are easier than you think – one click on any device and you are in the classroom and viewing the online whiteboard and materials.

Want to try it out for yourself? Request a live meet and greet today.

Frequently Asked Questions for Online Spanish Classes

#1 HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO BECOME FLUENT? It depends on how often you take classes, your independent study habits and exposure to Spanish in real life. However, Spanish is the easiest language to learn for English speakers.

#2 DO I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT COMPUTERS? You only need to know how to access your email, where you will receive a link for your classes. Therefore, you only need access to e-mail on any device.

#3 IS IT BETTER TO LEARN WITH A NATIVE SPEAKER? No, you should look for an experienced and qualified teacher for classes. Native speakers usually cannot explain the grammar of their own languages. For example, think about English. Can you explain when when to use the first conditional and when to use the second? Probably not. And that's normal. Native speakers use language intuitively, while teachers have studied it.

#4 I HAVE TAKEN SPANISH CLASSES BEFORE, BUT I CAN´T SPEAK IT. HOW CAN I IMPROVE MY SPEAKING? You need to have meaningful interactions in Spanish. With our classes, you will engage in engaging activities that promote communication in the target language. As a result, you will improve your speaking and listening skills in every class!

#5 I NEED SPANISH FOR TRAVEL/WORK ASAP! IS THAT POSSIBLE? Yes, you will be learning and speaking from the first class and intensive schedules are available. Basic conversational skills can be developed within a few classes. For instance, with the five most common verbs, you will be able to communicate basic needs and ideas.


Sara Tyler has 2 M.A. degrees, in Educational Technology and Curriculum and Instruction. Her B.A. degree is in ESL. She has worked online since 2014, and has taught languages since 2010.

Her company, Viva Online, L.L.C. provides Spanish language courses, immersion classes, and professional development teachers. She lives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico with her husband and 2 daughters.

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